Brexit procedures

Brexit has somewhat complicated sailing between the two sides of the Channel. However, for the second year running, a derogation has been put in place under the aegis of French Customs for the summer season, allowing yachtsmen, particularly British, to access our Eskale d’Armor ports without having to have their passport stamped in a Border Crossing Point port such as Brest, Roscoff, Saint-Malo or Port du Légué in Plérin.

For Eskale d’Armor, the authorised port is Tréguier. The ports of Lézardrieux, Saint-Cast le Guildo, Saint-Quay Port d’Armor and Trébeurden are also authorised under this exemption.

We would like to thank the French government for having taken into account the economic and tourist importance of British yachtsmen and for having proposed a solution worthy of the “Entente Cordiale”.

cotes d'armor ports

How do we go about it ?

Step 1
Download and complete the form for the port of Tréguier using the button below.
Please note that special dispensation can only be granted if boaters complete and send the appropriate form to the office of the port of arrival 24 hours before their arrival.


Step 2
Notify the port office at least 24 hours before your arrival:

Port of Tréguier: +33 (0) 2 96 92 42 37


Step 3
Send the form to the port concerned:

Port of Tréguier:

It’s important for everyone to follow this procedure, as it’s the only way to guarantee the long-term future of the scheme !

Access the form