Eco design

At a time when the digital sector accounts for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, Eskale d’Armor is firmly committed to acting in favour of the environment. The creation of our new website is no exception. We are convinced that eco-design is essential to reducing the ecological impact of digital technology. Find out how we are integrating this approach into the heart of our project.

protection environnement
environmental concerns

The digital sector has a significant impact on the environment, with the production of consultation media generating millions of tonnes of electronic waste every year. In addition, 53 million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment were generated worldwide in 2019 (2020, Global E-Waste Monitor – UN, ITU).

That’s why we need to take action to mitigate this harmful impact.

  • Preventing site obsolescence : making the site compatible on as many devices as possible avoids the obsolescence of the device, which would require it to be replaced by a new one.
  • Lighten resources : to reduce the weight of the site on its server, but also so that it can be consulted in as many situations as possible: the site must be able to be consulted at sea on a boat with a weak connection.

The Eskale d'Armor approach

  • Optimisation of the user path to reduce the number of pages consulted
  • A balance between the interest of the functionalities and their energy consumption
  • Thoughtful web design to keep pages as light as possible
  • Optimisation of images to ensure they are lightweight
  • No GAFA tracking installed: the choice was made to use Matomo, whose data is anonymised and stored in France
  • Optimisation and streamlining of the code to minimise the number of requests and the number of elements structuring the page
  • Hosting the site on a sustainable Datacampus server: the servers are cooled by immersion to limit the use of air conditioning. This technique reduces energy consumption by 30% compared with traditional hosting solutions.