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With its narrow pink sandstone streets, this seaside resort on a human scale will delight you with its privileged location at the foot of the Cap, the ideal starting point for all your walks and cycle rides. The pride of Erquy is that its fishing port is one of the three shellfish ports in the Côtes d’Armor, and above all the 4th port in France in terms of the value of products traded!

Erquy has several harbours and nearly 600 berths:

  • Vieux Port d’Erquy Centre: 150 berths, including 3 visitor buoys. 2 berths with water and electricity.
  • New port of Erquy Centre: 138 berths including 3 visitor buoys.
  • Extension of the new port: 37 berths.
  • Erquy Les Hôpitaux: 37 berths.
  • Erquy Saint-Michel: 45 berths afloat including 1 visitor buoy.

General information


Rue du Port
22430 Erquy

Port office opening hours

From 1st September to 30th June

Erquy Centre Harbour: Opening days and times are displayed at the harbour office.

Port Les Hôpitaux: Harbour office closed – You can contact the Harbour Master on 06 89 89 75 52 or at the Town Hall on 02 96 63 64 64.

From 1st July to 31st August

Erquy Centre Harbour : The harbour master’s office is open every day, 7 hours a day, depending on the high tide between 7am and 8pm.

Port Les Hôpitaux: Opening times are displayed at the harbourmaster’s office.