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Scallop Festival in Paimpol: The programme

An event with deep roots in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc
The Fête de la Coquille Saint-Jacques (Scallop Festival) is held in the three shellfish ports in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc: Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Paimpol and Erquy. Organised by the Comité Départemental des Pêches Maritimes et des Élevages Marins des Côtes d’Armor (CDPMEM 22), it celebrates the region’s maritime heritage.

This year, it takes place on the weekend of 20 and 21 April 2024 in the port of Paimpol!

fête coquille saint jacques paimpol

In the 1990s, the fishing industry experienced a crisis due to the high price of fuel, impacting the seafood market through massive imports. The result was the Fête de la Coquille Saint-Jacques (Scallop Festival), held in 1992 to showcase the profession of seafarer-fisherman and promote this treasure of the seas. Find out more about the programme for this 30th edition! 🎉

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Diving into the heart of marine life

Thanks to partnerships with local players such as the Lycée Maritime de Paimpol, visitors can immerse themselves in the maritime world with ship tours, seamanship demonstrations and exhibitions on the seafaring and fishing professions.

  • With the Comité Départemental des Pêches Maritimes et des Élevages Marins des Côtes d’Armor (Côtes d’Armor Departmental Committee for Sea Fisheries and Marine Farming): Vessels alongside the quayside and opportunities to visit them, exhibition on the seafaring professions, exhibition of fishing equipment, etc.
  • With the Lycée Maritime Pierre Loti de Paimpol: Seamanship and rowing demonstrations, presence of the ship Loti
  • With Cap Avenir : Discovering seafaring professions, virtual tours of boats at sea
  • With the SNSM of Loguivy de la Mer: Saturday – 4pm: sea rescue and lifeboat launching demonstrations / Sunday – 3.30pm: sea rescue and lifeboat launching demonstrations
degustation coquille saint jacques fete paimpol

A gourmet craft market

More than 70 exhibitors will be hosting a craft market where visitors can discover and sample local specialities, including the famous freshly-caught scallop. It’s a unique opportunity to savour the delights of the sea straight from the waters of the Costarmoric region.

coquille saint jacques paimpol

For its 30th edition, the Scallop Festival is back with a spellbinding musical atmosphere, showcasing Breton talent, from traditional rock to world sounds.

The on-site catering will also delight the taste buds with dishes featuring scallops and other treasures of the sea, prepared by local restaurateurs.

The Scallop Festival in Paimpol promises a weekend full of discoveries, flavours and conviviality on the quaysides of Paimpol.

Come along and celebrate the maritime riches of the Côtes d’Armor on 20 and 21 April!