01 / 06 / 2023 Tréguier Eskale d’Armor

The port of Tréguier becomes a border crossing point

Since 1st June, a major decision has been taken in favour of the port of Tréguier. It is now registered as a border crossing point (BCP). Yachtsmen, particularly the British, can now access the port without having to have their passport stamped in a customs port such as Brest, Roscoff, Saint-Malo or Le Légué in Plérin. A special dispensation has been granted by customs for five Costarmoric ports, including Tréguier, offering a sailing experience without administrative constraints.

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A beneficial measure for British yachtsmen

The derogation granted to the port of Tréguier is of particular importance to British yachtsmen. Since Brexit, customs formalities for British sailors wishing to access French ports have become more complex. However, thanks to this derogation, British yachtsmen can once again enjoy the beauty and attractions of the port of Tréguier without the hassle of passport stamping at a customs port. This greatly facilitates their sailing experience and strengthens the historic maritime links between France and the UK.

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An opening for international boaters

In addition to British yachtsmen, this derogation also benefits international yachtsmen. Tréguier becomes an accessible point of entry for sailors from countries outside the Schengen area, eliminating the need to go to a specific customs port. International yachtsmen will now be able to discover the wonders of Brittany and the Côtes d’Armor department by accessing the port of Tréguier directly, thus contributing to the diversity of visitors and the cultural enrichment of the region.

The process

  1. Download and complete the form by clicking on the button below
  2. Notify the port office at least 24 hours before your arrival: +33 (0) 2 96 92 42 37
  3. Send the form to the Port of Tréguier by e-mail to: portdetreguier@eskaledarmor.com

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