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Located on the banks of the River Trieux, the marina of this Little Town on Character® is a haven of peace for yachtsmen in search of peace and quiet. But Pontrieux is much more than just a marina : it’s a magical gem offering a host of activities and cultural discoveries. The area is sheltered from the winds and offers an enchanting setting, where birdsong and the lapping of the water blend in harmony. Yachting enthusiasts can enjoy trips along the river Trieux, which offers unique panoramic views of the town and its surroundings. Pontrieux is also known for its 50 wash-houses and half-timbered houses, which add to the intimate and romantic charm of the area. The narrow, flower-filled streets are an invitation to stroll, allowing visitors to lose themselves in a maze of architectural beauty. Every corner reveals a new surprise, with colourful facades and picturesque architectural details.

The Pontrieux marina has 173 berths, 15 of which are reserved for visitors. All the services are available for yachtsmen to enjoy a comfortable stopover. Well-maintained sanitary facilities, a practical laundry and a friendly club house are available to meet their needs. Boaters will receive a warm and friendly welcome, making their stay even more enjoyable. Sailing on the Trieux is a unique and captivating experience. This coastal river meanders through unique landscapes, offering yachtsmen breathtaking panoramas along the way. A navigation map of the “Pilote du Trieux” has also been produced by sailors, enabling boaters and visitors to find their way around and discover the many points of interest… The calm waters of the Trieux make for pleasant sailing, ideal for a leisurely stroll or a more adventurous exploration.


64 Rue du Port
22260 Pontrieux

Telephone +33 (0)6 73 87 07 95 ou +33 (0)2 96 95 36 28
Port office opening hours

From 01/01 to 19/02
Tuesday to Thursday / 9am to 4pm

From 20/02 to 28/06
Monday to Friday / 9am to 4pm

From 29/06 to 02/07
Monday to Saturday / 9am-4pm

From 03/07 to 03/09
Monday to Sunday / 9am-7pm

From 04/09 to 10/09
Monday to Saturday / 9am-4pm

From 11/09 to 15/10
Monday to Friday / 9am-4pm

From 16/10 to 31/12
Tuesday to Thursday/ 9am-4pm

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Practical information for download
plan port pontrieux cotes armor trieux See full screen map

Safety instructions

Refer to SHOM chart 7127L for the entrance to the Trieux.
Then refer to the cartouche of this SHOM chart 7127L to reach the Lézardrieux bridge, the limit of the current official chart.
The Lézardrieux bridge allows an air draught of 17.40 m at PMVE (currently 15.40 m due to works on the bridge until the end of 2024).
STRONG CURRENTS : The current can reach 3.5 knots below deck. It is a little cross-current and tends to pull you back to starboard. Counter it well to leave the green Kermarquer turret to starboard.
Daytime buoyage from Lézardrieux to Pontrieux : it is strongly recommended not to navigate upstream on the Trieux at night.
Follow the eight small landmarks on the navigation chart: white squares crossed by a central vertical red stripe. You should follow them until you see the next one and set a course for it.
Respect the light lateral markings of the marina, in particular by leaving the mooring line to port.
It is compulsory to wear a lifejacket both in ports and at sea.

Our ecological commitments

logo je navigue je trie This programme offers specially adapted facilities to enable yachtsmen to sort their waste on board and deposit it in special containers on their return to port.
logo aper National eco-organisation approved by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition to manage the dismantling and recycling of pleasure and sports boats at the end of their life.

The port team

Frédéric Grimaud
Frédéric Grimaud Port Manager

Directory of nautical associations de Pontrieux

APAPP Association of yachtsmen and friends of the port of Pontrieux
64b, Rue du Port
22260 Pontrieux
Telephone 06 47 77 47 09
Websites & social networks Page Facebook

Our philosophy:

Sharing, conviviality and mutual help.

Our activities :

Coastal and offshore rally-type sailing programme.
Activities on safety, navigation, mechanics, emergencies on board, seamanship, etc.
Museology and exhibition on the port of Pontrieux.
Help with navigation on the Trieux with the “Trieux pilot” (updates and maintenance).

From January to December, on the last Friday of each month, come and join us in the late afternoon from 18:00 at the salle des plaisanciers, for a convivial moment.


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